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Scanning the robot city railroad bridge

Last Saturday, we spent the day scanning a small railroad bridge located in "Robot City."  Robot City is located on the site of the LTV Cokeworks, and is in the process of being redeveloped as prime real estate close to downtown. In the meantime, we use it for robot testing. The robot city bridge is [...]

Terrestrial laser scanning the Schenley Bridge

The combined point cloud of the Schenley Bridge. Last year, we used our Faro Focus 3D scanner to take several scans of the Schenley Bridge. Up to now, we have been working with the individual scans, but this week, we registered the scans to create a unified point cloud model. The process was [...]

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Video of Schenley Bridge data collection

Luke is teleoperating the UAV to collect some sample data for the project.

Data collection at Schenley Park

The octorotor UAV flying with the Schenley Bridge in the background. We've been working on preparing the octorotor for field tests over the summer. Last month, we tested the vehicle out by scanning the Schenley Bridge in Schenley Park.  This historic bridge dates from 1897 and spans 620 feet across Junction Hollow at [...]