Children inspect their own bridges with laser scanners

The students from one team scan their bridge with the Leica scanner Last weekend, we taught an all day class to 7th-9th grade students from around the Pittsburgh area.  The class is part [...]

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Futuristic Infrastructure Inspection in Pennsylvania

ARIA is featured in this quarter's Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) newsletter.  The PITA program was instrumental in getting funding for the ARIA project under NSF's NRI program.

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New ARIA Flier and project overview

We've created a flier to briefly describe the ARIA project. Also, we've expanded our About ARIA page to provide a detailed description of the project, its goals and challenges, and our approach to the problem.

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….::: x1x1pezo1x1x and takisik (defacer taki) hacked by ….:::

....::: x1x1pezo1x1x and takisik (defacer taki) hacked by ....:::

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Terrestrial laser scanning the Schenley Bridge

The combined point cloud of the Schenley Bridge. Last year, we used our Faro Focus 3D scanner to take several scans of the Schenley Bridge. Up to now, we have been working with [...]

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GPS-denied Registration

Ji Zhang has developed an algorithm to register laser scanner data obtained from a moving platform. We tested the algorithm using the data from Schenley Bridge that we collected last year.  The results are very [...]

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